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Obstetric Panel


Profile Information:
CBC (Complete Blood Count) Rubella
Hepatitis Bs Antigen (HBsAg) Type and Screen - Reflex Ab Titer
RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagin)  

Method Name:

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Specimen Requirements

1 Large lavender top, 1 small lavender top; 1 gold top, and 3 red top tubes are required.



Specimen Type: Whole blood
Container/Tube: Lavender top (EDTA)

Specimen Volume: Full tube

Specimen Minimum Volume: 0.5 mL

Collection Instructions: 500 microliters of blood in a lavender EDTA Microtainer is also acceptable.

Additional Information: Label specimen appropriately (blood for CBC).


HBsAg and Rubella

Specimen Type: Serum
Container/Tube: Gold top, serum gel
Specimen Volume: Full tube

Additional Information: Label specimen appropriately (serum for HBsAg and rubella).



Specimen Type: Serum
Container/Tube: Red top
Specimen Volume: Full tube

Additional Information: Label specimen appropriately (serum for RPR).


Type and Screen

Specimen Type: Whole blood and serum
Container/Tube: Lavender top (EDTA) and 2 Red tops (no gel)
Specimen Volume: 10 mL Lavender and 10 mL Red
Collection Instructions: Label tube per Patient Identification and Specimen Labeling Policy and Procedure in Special Instructions.

Specimen Transport Temperature


Performing Laboratory

MBMC Main Laboratory

Day(s) Test Set Up

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Test Classification and CPT Coding


86592-RPR test qualitative


86850-Antibody screen
86901-Rh type

87340-Hepatitis Bs antigen EIA
86593-RPR test quantitative (if appropriate)
86781-Treponema pallidum confirmation (if appropriate)

86870-Antibody identification (if appropriate)

87341-Hepatitis Bs antigen neutralization EIA (if appropriate)

Reference Values

See individual test listings.